Fr Regis Jordan OCD

Fr Regis has been spiritual assistance to several OCDS groups. As provincial delegate for the OCDS he now has the States between Pennsylvania in the north to and including South Carolina. He is residing at our monastery here in Washington DC.

Fr Regis was born and raised in Boston. He entered the Carmelites in 1956, took his temporary vows in 1957 and spent the following three years studying philosophy at our monastery Holy Hill, WI and was solemnly professed there in 1960. He was active in sports, especially in basketball. He had a talent for languages. He studied theology at our monastery in Washington, DC and was ordained in 1964.

Fr Regis' first assignment was to our minor seminary in Peterborough NH where he taught history and Spanish. In 1966 he was sent to Dallas, TX as vice-rector of an inter-province college program. In 1971 he was assigned to our novitiate in Waverly, NY. Other assignments include vocation director, treasurer and fund raiser.

He has also taught adult education courses at Holy Hill and Washington, DC. He has been the superior of our monastery in Washington, DC and then a member and superior of the hermitage community in Hinton, WV for a number of years. He saw the importance of having the writings of our Carmelite Saints on computer, so he slowly typed them and made them available for ministry.