I Was Born For You




Below is the communications from our Fr. General in Rome. He announces that our religious family begins preparing for the fifth centenary of the birth of our Holy Mother St. Teresa of Jesus by “reading each year within the Order, from October 15, 2009 to 2014, whether personally and in community, specific works together.”

2009 to 2010 The Life
2010 to 2011 Way of Perfection
2011 to 2012 Foundations
2012 to 2013 Interior Castle
2013 to 2014 Spiritual Testimonies, Poetry, Letters

Please print out and review all of the attachments included in this message. We request each OCDS Community Council hold a special meeting to study and discuss the homily by P. Saverio Cannistra, Fr. General OCD, and document “I Was Born For You” which outlines the rationale from the General Chapter Meeting for this directive. It shares what the Order wants us to do for ourselves, within our Carmelite communities, and how we need to help the Church in the 21st century.

"The primary responsibility of the Council is the formation and Christian and Carmelite maturing of the members of the community." (Constitutions #46 ) Please use the following additional resources provided by the Order to incorporate this reading requirement into your community formation programs. In the coming years, the Order will provide us with similar information.

- Text of sections one and two of the pamphlet distributed to all OCD communities of friars and nuns (attached and also included on the inside page of your 2010 OCDS calendar)

- WE WILL CELEBRATE, the third section of the pamphlet (attached)
- Study Guide II for the Book of her Life (attached and also included on our website at www.ocdswashprov.org) developed by the Order as a theoretical and doctrinal guide that aims to site the book from its context, presenting its content and sections and giving a brief introduction for reading each one of these

As we united together in July at the Congress, let us now continue to embrace all challenges with zeal, prayer and action,

In Carmel,

Fr. Regis Jordan, OCD
Fr. Paul Fohlin, OCD
Fr. John Grennon, OCD

NOTE:  This email was sent to OCDS Presidents on 11/24/2009 with the subject heading DISTRIBUTE TO ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS. Documents referenced as attachments can be seen by following the links below:

Download the Following:

Homily by P. Saverio Cannistra, Fr. General OCD

I Was Born for You

Study Guide

Pamphlet 1 & 2

Pamphlet 3