The 1998 edition published by Teresian Charism Press, Hubertus WI, is now out of print and books are no longer available.


Thanks to all the feedback we got from our OCDS communities regarding the use of this material for formation, and a generous donation from the OCDS Sacred Heart Community in FREDERICK, MD we have refreshed the text and are making it available on our website.  References to the old “Rule of Life”, which was replaced by the OCDS Constitutions in 2003, have been deleted, or modified to reflect our current legislation. We are pleased to provide this much used wealth of knowledge for your formation classes. Please feel free to print and distribute it to your candidates discerning if they have a Carmelite vocation.



      Welcome to Carmel


      Devotion to the Church:  the Discalced Carmelite’s Mission


      The Teresian Charism


      Saint Teresa and the Vocation to a Life of Prayer


      Secularity and the Lay Carmelite


      The Christian Decision-Making Process


      Aspirants Knock, Seek, and Ask Questions


      Opposition – How Do You Cope?


      Prerequisites of a Life of Prayer


      Carmel and Our Lady


      A Call to Prayer:  Liturgy of the Hours



NOTE: Several chapters are not included because other, more appropriate, resources are now available:


“Spiritual Preparation for Being Received into the Order” is replaced by the RITES booklet, Revised 7/19/05 and approved by Rome for use in the Washington Province:


Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

A Summarized Version of the Rites for use

During the Eucharist

Approved on December 10, 1990


-          Admission to Formation

-          The Making of the Temporary Promise

-          The Making of Final Promise

-          The Taking of the Vows


Washington Province Discalced Carmelites

2131 Lincoln Road NE

Washington DC 20002-1199


May 2, 2003

Revised:  07/19/05

Distributed to all presidents with 2011 Rosters.

Contact the OCDS Main Office at the above phone # for additional copies.




“History of the Order” replaced by:  TERESIAN CARMEL Pages of History


“Saints of Carmel” replaced by annual focus in the Clarion:


2006 St. Teresa of Jesus

2007 St. John of the Cross

2008 St. Thérèse

2009 Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

2010 St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)


We encourage all communities to assemble a loose-leaf binder of past Clarion issues, which can be used by your formation instructors.



“Fr. General’s Instruction” and “Toward a Contemplative Recitation of the Rosary” are not replaced.